C was a 38 year old single woman who was living with her mum and young son at the time of her offence. C was a secret functioning drug addict who would get up every morning and take care of her son, do all the cooking, cleaning and shopping to help her mum and still held down a full time job.

C got caught up with the local drug dealers and ended up playing a part in a kidnap and theft from a man they believed to be a rival drug dealer ( it turns out the young man was an innocent victim and not a dealer).

C drove the car in the kidnap. The gang then stole the money and made the man buy a expensive ring, whilst he was held at knife point. He was eventually let free five hours after his ordeal began.

C and her two male accomplices were all sentenced, with C receiving a three years and six months custodial sentence. C was released from HMP Send into a Stoneham Bass Property. C felt extremely unsafe in the hostel and she would lock herself away in her room and would not engage with the other house mates.

She reported house mates using the premises for sex work and drug taking.

As the accommodation was only temporary, she was given three months to secure on-going accommodation and was informed she would be put into a Salvation Army Hostel for the homeless if no other accommodation was secured. She was distraught at this possibility as it would mean more time living without her son.

Our Support

We accompanied C to her local council and secured a rent deposit and some agents fee’s. We helped her look for accommodation and were successful in securing an offer of a two bed flat from a supported houising agent. This was withdrawn when they found out about her offence, and she has consequently been black listed by them for three years.

C did secure a small privately rented flat but in an area unsuitable for her son and we continued to liaise with the council who put on the housing list.

We helped her look for college courses and employment, helping her with her CV and she applied for a part time role in a local Hairdressers. They also turned her down also, when she disclosed her convictions.

Where is she now?

Thank u for everything, I wouldn’t of been brave enough for any of this without ur support. Hope 2 see u soon, cant wait 2 show u this place it’s so lovely.

C has now been offered a lovely two bed flat in a nice area by the council. Her son is back with her full time and has started a good school close to where they live.

She has also been offered a part time Hairdressing course at a college where they have given her a bursary. She gets all her equipment, uniform, travel and £5 food money free of charge!

She has a new bright start with work prospects and her family around her in her own permanent place to live.

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