Footprints Mentoring 

At any one time, Footprints is working with around 40-50 people in the community in Dorset and Hampshire. In the year ended 31st March 2019, Footprints has received referrals from 252 people and supported 198 people in the community. 

  • 113 (62%) people achieved a decrease in criminogenic needs and increased social inclusion.
  • 36 people have achieved positive outcomes in one area of need, 38 people in 2 areas of need, 13 in 3 areas of need, 14 people in 4 areas of need, 6 in 5 areas of need, 3 in 6 areas of need and 1 in 7 areas of need, 1 in 8 areas of need and 1 in 9 areas of need.

The average length of engagement was between 2 to 3 months, however some mentees received over 6 months of support.

Thank you! it’s hard to express into words how grateful I am. My mentor is challenging in a positive way. He always gives me options and suggestions that makes me look at things differently. I would like to give back in the future and become a Footprints Mentor

Volunteer mentors provided the following support:

  • Emotional and relational support. The majority of the support given by our mentors focusses on changes to the person’s the attitudes, thinking and behaviour enabling them to break free from a life of repetitive behaviours and crime. Our mentors help the person develop coping strategies to overcome future problems, set goals and increase their resilience.
  • Finance and Benefits. Mentors provided 160 (88%) people with support, including completing benefits claims for 43 people, providing advocacy to 72 people and referring 37 people to specialist support.
  • Housing and accommodation. Mentors provided 94 (52%) people with support including 32 people to complete referrals or attend interviews with external housing providers.
  • Education, training and employment. 39 people were supported, including help with job searches, liaising with the local colleges and helping them engage with specialist support and training agencies.
  • Mental Health. 29 people were supported including the completion of information regarding specialist agencies, accompanying people to appointments and supporting people to complete forms.

As our provision is 100% individualised, we also supported people with issues such as physical health, domestic violence, substance misuse, families and children, sexual abuse and exploitation and self-harm.

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Life Works

In September 2018 participants completed the building of our new workshop, supported by grants from the Peoples Health Trust and ITV and Big Lottery People’s Millions Fund to provide training courses. We delivered a basic plumbing course in November and December and a wood work course in February 2019.

Between courses participants have been able to develop their skills at the workshop, making wooden Christmas decorations for sale in December and wooden garden planters.

Upcycled handmade wooden pallet Christmas Tree

During the year:

  • Life Works received 84 referrals, 
  • Participants gave 6365 hours of voluntary work to the project, helping to renovate 13 community and commercial properties,
  • 14 participants completed our first 2 training courses,
  • 26 participants participated in off-site work experience placements and 2 people were offered sessional work placements,
  • 9 participants were involved in making wooden Christmas decorations,
  • 2 participants gained direct customer service and retail experience.

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