That’s what friends are for.

At Footprints we face a huge task raising the funds we need to support our ex-offenders helping them stay ex-offenders. Our biggest single challenge is establishing a regular income we can count on.

This is why our Friends of Footprints are so important to us. Their support – as little as £120 a year (the price of a weekly cappuccino) – is vital in enabling our work to continue. So please consider becoming a Friend.

You know that giving a hand-up to the most vulnerable people is an up-hill task. Now, more than ever, they need our support. Our people are really struggling.

  • A quarter of the people we help are elderly and/or disabled at increased risk of infection from Covid 19.
  • A third or more of our women (and men) live with the constant threat of domestic violence. Social isolation has merely increased the danger.
  • They are surviving on benefits at a time when social services are at full stretch. Many are struggling to put food on the table.

We are facing more and more calls for help; emergency appeals from across Hampshire and Dorset.

Sharon took a call from “Ann”, in fear for her life from a violent partner. Ann climbed on to a roof to escape. Sharon talked calmly and gently with her. She also called the police who arrested the abuser charging him with sexual and domestic violence.

Within the hour, Amy was called by “Dave” so desperate he was threatening to kill himself. Dave hung up but Amy reached him by text and got in touch with probation who were able to save Dave from himself.

Please help us to support “Ann” and “Dave” by becoming a Friend of Footprints. Supporting them and so many others, reduces crime and improves lives.

Our Friends help us make our communities safer. Be our Friend.