Community Mentoring

Dan's story

Dan was referred to us when he was living in temporary supported housing. He was struggling with poor mental health. He is a former service man and suffered from PTSD, depression, anxiety and states he hears voices for which he has a fortnightly Depot (antipsychotic) injection.

He requested support to access more in his community as he was quite isolated and suffered from low self-esteem.

When the location for his injection was changed from the local doctor's surgery to St Marys in Portsmouth, a bus ride away, Dan felt anxious about making an unfamiliar journey alone.

My mentor was there at the end of the phone and I knew that I always had someone to talk to who was on my side to help.

His mentor met Dan outside the hostel and accompanied him to hospital, helping him learn the journey. They also helped him engage with the mental health team at the hospital and complete an application to move on accommodation.

Following the referral, Dan was offered an interview for move on housing and was successful in been offered a place. He move in soon and is delighted!

When footprints have said they are going to do something they have which has always been very quick. As soon as I said I needed help with accommodation you were onto it straight away which was unbelievable. You have helped me to find accommodation which I’m hoping to move into very soon. I can’t believe the good work you do, it’s really good.