Friends of Footprints

Friends are supporters who sign-up to support our work on an on-going basis.

We ask friends to give a minimum of £120 a year to support our work.

That's less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week

In the current challenging circumstances our service is supporting the most vulnerable in society

  •  Approximately 25% of our service users are elderly or disabled and at increased risk of infection
  •  Over one third are woman or men living with domestic violence with isolation increasing the risk of attacks
  •  All are surviving on benefits and many are struggling to access foo

Need for our service is increasing. In just one day we are receiving multiple emergency calls from across Dorset and Hampshire

Sharon received a phone call from a woman in Dorset fleeing domestic violence and in fear of her life. She had climbed onto a roof top to try to escape her attacker. Sharon talked calmly to the woman on the phone whilst calling the police. They arrested her partner who has been charged with sexual and domestic abuse.

An hour later Amy received a phone call from a service user in Hampshire who was threatening suicide. He hung up but she was able to reach him by text and notify probation who put in support.

Help us make our communities safer for all.