"Since coming to Bournemouth in January 2019 I have been involved in various recovery meetings, such as NA, but in February a friend introduced me to Life Works. Since being at Life Works I have picked up numerous skills, I also feel more confident in what I do.

Most of all it has given me structure where as in the past my life felt meaningless.

In the past 5 month, the staff at Life Works have always treated me as part of the team, always asking for my views or my opinions on things. I have also enjoyed taking part in the activities like going to the Friary. I have also found the cookery lessons to be very useful as I couldn't cook and survived on microwave meals and eating out of tins.

I most enjoy the off-site work experience. Darren, the project manager has taken me under his wing and I have picked up numerous skills from him for which I am very grateful.

In my humble opinion, anyone attending Life Works will benefit greatly, as I have, from what they have on offer"

Update October 2019: We are so pleased that Paul has now returned to paid employment. We will miss him but hope he keeps in touch