Map of portlandOn the 19th October, led by our intrepid Chairman, Jennie Paterson, our Treasurer SJ Radford and Jane Barkes, we will be walking 21 km around Portland and its two prisons to raise funds for Footprints and highlight the issues facing those leaving prison.

We would love people to get involved

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  • Join us on this walk and getting sponsorship yourself.  We suggest a minimum of £100 per walker. Set up your own sponsorship page but click on the red fundraise button.
  • Please let us know that you are coming!

If you would like to join us or collect sponsors please contact us for a support pack.

The Need

The MOJ estimated, in 2016, that, on average, it costs £28,500 to keep a person in prison for a year. This increases to £51,700 in a Young Offenders Institution. Up to 63% of prisoners reoffend within a year of release, resulting in a cycle of crime and more victims in our community.

Our solution

Footprints reduces the risk of re-offending through transformative mentoring, in other words working with ex-offenders to bring about persistent and lasting change in their lives. We believe that with emotional and practical support including training in life skills, offenders can re-integrate into society and grow in self-esteem and aspiration. Our mentors are trained volunteers from the community who support their clients. Costs are kept to a minimum but with no financial support from central government, we have to raise our own funds.

How will the money be spent?

  • We have a funding gap. We need £20,000 more just to cover our activities this year. This will allow us to offer support to over 200 people leaving prison or serving community sentences in 2019.
  • To train and equip 20 new volunteer mentors to enable us to meet the current demand for mentors.


We will be able to support 100 people living in Dorset with "through the gate" and community mentoring. By integrating ex-offenders back into their local community we reduce the risk and frequency of reoffending, helping build safe communities for all.
We expect all people mentored to benefit from increased self-esteem and resilience. At least 65% of people will have made positive changes in at least one area of need, and that benefits us all.